Our Why

Welcome to Lit: Deepening Love, Elevating Play

Hi! We're Trisha & Eros, co-founders of Lit. This business was born out of our love for one another, our struggles in conscious relating and our individual traumas. In healing ourselves through relationship and touch, it became clear to us that we wanted to share our journey and tools with the world. We share more personally on Instagram, if you'd like to follow us there.

At Lit, we believe that the foundation of a strong, healthy, and fulfilling relationship is deeply rooted in authentic connection across body, mind, heart, and spirit. In today's fast-paced world, we often lose touch with our partners, leading to conflicts and disconnection. Our mission is to reignite these authentic connections, starting with a resounding 'Yes' – an affirmation of love, understanding, and shared desires.

Our Products: Sensation Tools for Every Touch

Our innovative sensation tools are at the heart of what we offer. Ranging from the soft caress of Fluff Daddy to the gentle tease of Whip Whip Hooray, each product is designed to evoke different bodily sensations, nurturing closeness, trust, and pleasure.

We intend these tools to be a pathway to explore and understand your partner's body and desires, from the soft and sensual to the playful and energizing.

More Than Products: A Holistic Approach to Intimacy

Beyond our products, we are developing an array of resources to deepen your understanding and connection. Exercises, games, and programs crafted to help couples understand their dynamics, feel safe in vulnerability, and navigate the complexities of relationships with love and empathy.

For those seeking an even deeper experience, we offer somatic therapy sessions, private retreats and (coming soon) group retreats. These services combine the physicality of our tools with emotional and spiritual guidance, offering an immersive and transformative journey towards greater intimacy and joy.

Join Us on Your Journey

We invite you to explore our range of products and services. Each item, each program, each session is a stepping stone towards a more connected, compassionate, and joyful world. This is our 'why' – to empower you and your partner on your journey towards a more fulfilling, loving, and passionate life together.