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The Art of Sacred Touch™

Sacred Touch is a transformative somatic healing practice that integrates authentic presence, talk therapy, ritual, archetypes, sensation play, massage, embrace, and other tools in a safe, non-sexual container. Together, we create an authentic healing connection that engages your mind and body, heart and spirit, and all of your senses.

This is a deeply intimate and nourishing experience of feeling witnessed, seen, safe, held, understood, touched, and cared for in your innermost human experience.

When Eros began to develop Sacred Touch more than two decade ago, he realized that the vast majority of his female clients had never felt truly safe with men, and that there was a profound need for safe, compassionate space-holding and care for women by kind, gentle, skilled, and integrous masculine presence, in a safe, non-sexual container. And when he met them in this way, he was overwhelmed by their positive experience, their gratitude, and encouragement to continue doing this work.

From there, his offering developed in the spirit of the ancient, primary dance of masculine and feminine, in a safe and sacred space that was authentic and intimate, but not sexual. 

The elements of safe space and reverent presence create a potent container for people to heal and rewire through somatic nourishing, non-sexual intimate connection, emotional release, and experiential transformation.

As you deeply relax into feeling held and safe, layer by layer, we’ll gently explore whatever comes up, including healing old wounds, reprogramming unhelpful patterns and limiting beliefs, and cultivating new feelings of safety, embodiment, empowerment, self-love, and bliss.

It’s our profound honor to embody heart-centered, intimate nurturing for clients. To listen deeply to your stories with our mind, body, and heart. To witness you. To feel the threads of your journey as a human. This may be the edge of your healing and growth. Old wounds and emotions that want to be integrated. The ways in which your soul aches to be comforted, held, touched, and cared for.

We (Lit founders Eros and Trisha) are committed to serving the profound need for safe, compassionate space-holding and intimate healing work for everyone. We offer Sacred Touch sessions, workshops, training, and group and private retreats to individuals of all gender identities, couples, triads, and polyamorous configurations. 

Sessions for couples or other partner configurations are designed to nurture the bond between partners; guiding them in creating deeper physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual intimacy. Together, we offer healing, coaching, and tools to more effectively communicate, understand, and explore each other's needs and desires. This is a journey towards cultivating a shared space of trust, understanding, and somatic exploration.

It’s our pleasure to design a customized experience around your needs. We’re selectively available to travel for and with clients, and to design exotic and deeply immersive destination retreats for any number of people.

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What Happens in a Session?

Sessions are a spacious 3 hours. We'll create our sacred container with a smudging ceremony that honors and receives you as a divine goddess, and names our intentions.  Then we’ll sit together in a comfy nest, ring a Tibetan prayer bowl, and breathe together in stillness.  We’ll drop into our bodies, and perhaps synchronize our voices with sound.  Then we’ll enjoy a comfy chat over tea and fruit, exploring what’s alive for you in this moment of your journey, the edge of your healing and growth work, your needs and desires, and your questions, curiosities, and boundaries.

From there, we’ll have a shared sense of how the session can best serve your nurturing, healing, and bliss. We can flow between conversation, embrace, soothing light touch, massage, therapeutic sensual play, sweet connection, cuddling, affirmations, and whatever else feels alive.  We may find ourselves gently facilitating emotional expression and release, exploring the edges of your pleasure, or activating your voice and harnessing your power.

What Happens in a Couple's Session?

Much like an individual session, our couple's sessions are a sacred 3-hour journey. We begin by setting a collective intention, creating a safe and sacred space where both partners are honored. The session may include synchronized breathing exercises, guided communication, and shared sensory experiences. It's an opportunity to explore the dynamics of your relationship, understand each other's emotional landscapes, and learn how to provide somatic comfort and support to one another.

Healing Core Wounds and Trauma

While talk therapy can engage our mind, and massage can relax our bodies, they rarely engage or transform us at our deepest emotional and somatic levels, where our core wounds reside.  In the safe, sacred space of Sacred Touch, your authentic experience is deeply held and witnessed. Your body is soothed and nourished, your senses and pleasure are awakened.  You’re nurtured and cared for as a whole being.  This allows us to gently engage and hold the deepest parts of you...ancient core wounds and traumas, that have been waiting for years, decades, or even lifetimes for a safe opportunity to be touched, felt, expressed, released, loved, and integrated.  This is the true magic and medicine of Sacred Touch.

Owning Your Voice, Desires, and Pleasure

It is extremely rare in our experience as humans that we are lovingly invited to voice our desires and then get to have them exquisitely met.  We'll slowly explore your needs, desires, and pleasure through conversation, massage, sensual touch, and delightful sensation play.  You'll practice naming your desires, knowing they will be exquisitely met with love and care.  Vocal expression of your feelings and experience will be invited and nurtured, creating an empowering experience of somatic embodiment, owning your divine bliss, and releasing taboos and shame around sensuality, pleasure, and the body.  This opens and expands your experience of yourself, your self-love, and your potential for a richer, more awakened life.

Healing the Relationship between Masculine and Feminine

Many female clients share that they have never before been met by the masculine with such reverent and authentic presence, respect, and care.  This may be the very first time some women feel fully safe, held, and empowered to use their voices to express their needs and desires with a man.  Sadly, many have had one or more traumatic experiences with the masculine, often involving emotional, physical, or sexual abuse that has left lasting impact. 

Likewise, many men share they have never learned how to feel comfortable deeply experiencing their emotions, vulnerability, or asking for what they want.

Even in the context of loving romantic partnership, most instances of physical intimacy are sexual, unstructured, unheld, and rushed, with orgasm frequently being the primary or only goal.  Both participants are usually attempting to get their needs met at the same time, and very few have extensive training or practice in sensual, somatic, or healing arts. 

For many, the Sacred Touch container is a profoundly unique, life-changing experience of safe, deep, authentic intimacy that can heal somatic trauma imprints and empower you to feel safer, and more present, embodied, and authentic in the relationship between masculine and feminine, or other polarities and dynamics. 

In our journey of healing and growth, understanding and exploring vulnerability, emotions, trust, and surrender is a transformative experience. While these qualities are often associated with female-identified people and the “feminine”, this process is equally essential for all gender identities, as these qualities support nurturing, intuition, empathy, and the capacity for deep emotional connection.

For many, societal norms and personal experiences have led to a disconnect or a misunderstanding of "feminine" energy, often resulting in unbalanced relationships and self-perception. 

We offer a safe space to explore and heal your relationship with what is often considered the more “feminine” realm. Whether it’s about healing past wounds inflicted by feminine figures or reconnecting with neglected aspects within oneself and getting deeply and profoundly in touch with our feelings, our approach is gentle, respectful, and nurturing.

Our sessions aim to create a safe and sacred space where you can explore softness, vulnerability, and surrender. Through conversation, empathetic listening, and nurturing intimate somatic experiences, we guide you towards a deeper understanding and embodiment of trust, receiving, and feeling.

This might involve exploring feelings of vulnerability, engaging with your intuition, and embracing emotional openness in a nurturing and non-judgmental environment.

By healing your relationship with these more subtle qualities, you open yourself to a more holistic understanding of yourself and your relationships. It allows for a more compassionate, empathetic, and balanced approach to life and interactions with others. This journey is not just about healing; it’s about rediscovering and embracing the full spectrum of human experience and emotion.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

We invite you to experience this nurturing, non-sexual intimate connection, whether individually or as a couple or group. It's a space to heal, grow, and transform together, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and profound relational intimacy.

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