Crop It Like It's Hot

The practice for Crop It Like It's Hot is about the importance of safety. And there's no better way to practice safety than when you have a smacking tool in your hand!

Giver: When going in to impact play, it's even more important to tune in to your partner. You want to be as watchful as you can for their breath, the way their body tightens and relaxes, etc. Begin with a hand on their heart and say something to the effect of, "your safety is my priority and I want you to feel safer than you have ever felt before."

Start soft, and through communication find the hardest impact your partner likes. We like to use a scale of 1-10. Play back and forth between softer and harder.

Receiver: Using a scale of 1-10, guide your partner on where each smack falls for you so that they have an idea of your level of tolerance.

We highly suggest watching the full video for more insight. Happy communicating!


Eros and Trisha

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