Sacred Touch FAQ

What Do You Mean By Non-Sexual? Isn’t Sexual Energy Natural and Important?

Sacred Touch™ approaches sexuality in a unique way, as far as therapy goes. It is very much a sex-positive practice, in that it supports normalizing nudity, body acceptance, exploring sensual pleasure, and creating deep, healing intimacy between the masculine and the feminine.  At times, depending on your comfort, needs, and requests, and in an artful, gentle, and intentional way, we can play with and channel eros: natural, primal, and erotic energy.

However, as a firm, clear boundary, and to maintain a physically and emotionally safe container, Sacred Touch sessions are always strictly non-sexual.  What that means is that the purpose of this practice is not to build toward increasing sexual arousal or a physical genital orgasm. By taking sex and orgasmic focus off the table, we create an infinitely more safe and spacious container to deeply explore holistic somatic healing, presence, embodiment, and integration. Accordingly, sessions use clear communication, consent, and follow a clear, firm set of agreements.

What’s Available in Sessions?

  • Being dressed and / or draped to your comfort. You can be as nude as you feel comfortable, and you can modify at any time.
  • Exploring massage, touch, sensation tools, and sensual touch.
  • Requesting touch anywhere on your body except for your genitals or anus. 
  • Holding hands.
  • Eye gazing.
  • Requesting to make respectful, non-sexual contact with practitioner's body for grounding.
  • Cuddling, embrace, being lovingly held. 
  • Talking about anything you wish.
  • Expressing and being lovingly witnessed and held in whatever feelings and emotions come up for you.
  • Hair stroking. Scalp and face massage. Heart holding.
  • Word play. Affirmations. 
  • Laughter, tears, healing, pleasure, and bliss.

What’s Not Available in Sessions?

  • We won’t touch your genitals or anus in any way
  • We won’t expose our genitals, or make any genital-focused contact with you. 
  • There will be no mouth to mouth kissing.
  • The specific focus of the session will never be sexual arousal or physical orgasm.

Will We Be Naked? 

To the session, we invite you to wear comfortable clothing that feels sacred and ceremonial. Your level of clothing, nudity, and draping is totally up to whatever feels most comfortable to you. We can also adjust the temperature of the room to your comfort as well. On the massage table, you are invited to be as nude as you wish for the most embodied and integrative full body touch without the constraint of clothing. Of course, you can always start with more draping and clothing if you like, and make adjustments as we go.

Your practitioner will usually wear comfy, soft ceremonial clothing.  Sometimes, with your consent and at my discretion, we may remove layers of clothing, either because we get too warm, for instance in a tropical environment, or to provide more skin to skin contact. We will leave our underwear on at all times.

Will I Be on a Massage Table?

While chatting, we’ll begin on a comfy nest with pillows. We can also embrace and cuddle there. For massage, you’ll be on a massage table. We can move around as you like.

Can I Touch You?

The entire session is solely focused on you receiving. You may, with the practitioner's consent, lightly and respectfully make contact with their body for grounding connection, but not with their genital area or in a sexual way, please.

Are there Mind-Altering Substances Involved?

No. This is a sober practice, for safety, for authentic natural presence, and to engage with all of your natural being. You will experience a beautiful, powerful energetic journey in your body, mind, heart, and spirit. Please do not take any mind-altering substances within 48 hours before or after the session, so you enter unaltered and have time to integrate after.


Your transformative Sacred Touch retreat is $500 for 3 hours, usually with about two or more hours of touch. You may purchase a 3 session package for $1,250. Payment is required in advance to secure your booking. Cancellations can be credited to a new booking, but are not refundable.

Travel and Exotic Personal Retreats

We are available to travel to you, and we can also travel together anywhere in the world for an Exotic Personal Retreat. In either case, we’ll discuss a location, timeline, and budget in advance, and then we’ll submit a proposal to you for approval and payment.

Contact and Booking Your First Session

To begin the process of booking your first session, or just to contact us, please complete our intake form by clicking below. We'll follow up to arrange a phone chat. Existing clients, please contact us by email or text.

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