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Crop it Like it's Hot

Crop it Like it's Hot

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Meet Crop it Like it's Hot, your new go-to for adding a dash of playful excitement to your intimate moments. This charming crop features a soft grip, flexible neck, and perfect sized vegan leather hand for petting, patting, or smacking your way to ecstatic delight. Maybe the sting feels good because it's so cute?

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  • Vegan Leather Hand: The hand-shaped crop end is made from high-quality vegan leather, offering both durability and a delightful texture.

  • Grippy Handle: Designed for a secure grip, the velvet-soft rubber handle ensures you have full control during your sensory exploration.

  • Flexible Neck: Just the right length and flex for the perfect crop snap.

Sensory Experience

  • Playful Sting: Crop it Like it's Hot delivers a playful sting that's more about body-awakening sensation than pain, striking the perfect balance between adrenaline and dopamine.

  • Spice Things Up: Ideal for couples looking to add a playful twist to their intimate experiences.

What Makes it Lit

  • Visual and Tactile Appeal: The unique hand shape, vibrant colors, contrasting stitching, and Lit Spark Icon logo make it a feast for the eyes as well as the skin, making it more fun and less intimidating in your foreplay.

  • Safe and Consensual: As with all our products, Crop it Like it's Hot is designed to create a safe and consensual environment for exploration. Use this tool as a way to increase communication with your partner.

How to Use

  • Gentle Start: Begin with light taps and soft petting to introduce the unique sensation of the crop.

  • Find the Rhythm: Experiment with varying intensity and pauses to find what makes your partner say "YES!".

  • Communicate: Always keep the lines of communication open, ensuring a mutually enjoyable experience.

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah Pierson

The crop, is the perfect size for a nice spanking, the material is quality, the width is perfect for a light tease or a firm pat.