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Double-O Seven

Double-O Seven

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Introducing Double-O Seven, the silky smooth satin lash with a license to thrill. This sleek, lightweight pleasure wand drapes your partner in seven ultra-soft lines of exquisite touch. This pleasure-stacking sensation play toy is guaranteed to open up new worlds of blissful feeling.

Slowly wave this wand to tease, tickle, drape, and stroke your partner as they gasp with Double-O delight.  

We guarantee you've never felt anything like this! 

Comes with a magnetic closure gift / storage box and a QR code link to a video guide with tips, demo, and a special practice to try.

Lots more details below, and check out the video demo with your sound on!



  • Seven Silky Satin Strands: The satin strands are sewn in tiered lengths to extend the exquisite, shivery "drop off" moment for ultimate titillation.

  • Lightweight, Ergonomic Handle: Ensures maximum body coverage with a wave of your hand.

  • Elegant Colors: Premium satin is gold on one side, creamy white on the other, adding a visual feast to your sensory play.

Sensory Experience

  • Pleasure Expansion: We map our thoughts and emotions to our body's experiences. The brand new pleasure-stacking sensation of the Double-O Seven shifts you into exploration of a new feeling space of expanded bliss.

  • C-Tactile Afferents: The soft, smooth glide of fine satin on skin activates C-Tactile afferents - skin cells which respond optimally to a slowly moving, gentle caress.

  • Oxytocin, Serotonin, Dopamine: Your brain responds by releasing Oxytocin, the "bonding hormone", which leads to increased production of the pleasure neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, and a feeling of pleasure, connection, and happiness.

What Makes it Lit

  • Original Design: This original, never-before-seen design offers a brand new form of sensual pleasure. It's a must-have addition to your sensation tools kit!

  • Luxury Details: Velvet-soft flocked black handle with subtle "K Gold" metal finishes and Lit SPARK icon logo.

  • Expanded Sensual Connection: This lash offers a unique way to explore expansive new pleasure sensations and deepen your sensual intimacy.

How to Use

  • Start Slow: Begin by slowly draping the lash over your partner's body, allowing them to experience the new pleasure-stacking sensations.

  • Play: Feel the strands as they fall off the side of your body one at a time for a truly unique experience. Hear your partner whisper, "F*ck Yes..."

  • Connect: Use this new pleasure space to explore new levels of emotional and sensory connection.

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah Pierson

The sensations on having multiple satin strands run over my body was delicious. I great tool to warm up your senses for what’s to come!