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Scratch Me if You Can

Scratch Me if You Can

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Scratch Me if You Can is an original Lit design that became an instant classic at touch parties. It's a must-have sensation tool for your collection that is sure to take your play to the next level. 

This body-roving massager uses 12 individually flexing massage tips to trace the curves of your body with a stress-melting stroke that we call micro-shiatsu.

The perfectly balanced handle allows you to fine-tune intensity from gently therapeutic to full-body shiver-inducing stimulation.

Comes with a magnetic closure gift / storage box and a QR code link to a video guide with tips, demo, and a special practice to try.


  • Perfectly Balanced Handle: Precision-machined aluminum handle with weighted ball-end for a perfect grip, pressure control, and durability.

  • 12-Point Individually Flexing Massage Tips: The premium stainless steel strands are dipped in a rounded polymer tip and individually flex to trace the curves of your body.

Sensory Experience

  • Micro-Shiatsu Massage: The individually 12 flexing tips deliver a stress-melting sensation to your skin, soft tissue, and muscles that's unlike anything you've ever felt before - both soothing and stimulating at the same time.

  • Nervous System Nirvana: Specifically designed to be good for the nervous system, offering a calming yet invigorating experience that awakens the body.

What Makes it Lit

  • Original Lit Design: This is a brand-new, never-before-seen product that pushes the boundaries of sensory exploration and play.

  • Luxurious Details: Signature anodized, color-popping purple metal handle with weighted ball end and contrasting Lit logo and matching polymer massage tips.

  • Holistic Connection: Ideal for those looking to awaken the body in soothing, yet stimulating sensations, and also the mind and spirit in a journey of sensory discovery.

How to Use

  1. Gentle Beginnings: Start by lightly running the strands over the skin, allowing the unique sensation to wash over you.
  2. Find Your Sweet Spot: Experiment with different pressures and areas to discover what feels best for you and your partner.
  3. Mindful Connection: Use this time to tune into each other's reactions and deepen your emotional and sensory connection.

If This Product Were a Song: Electric Feel by MGMT


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Customer Reviews

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Sarah Pierson

I loved the sensations and different angles of the scratcher. It was a great tool to wake up your senses, and create the ohhh ahhh response of bliss, and the desire for it not to stop!