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Sweet Sub Mittens

Sweet Sub Mittens

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Sweet Sub Mitten is our faux fur massage gloves designed for full -body worship. Crafted from the fluffiest and softest faux fur fabric in a classy light gold color, these extra-large and roomy gloves offer a warming, soothing, and irresistibly sensual experience.

Use these decadent, full-body adoration mitts to pet, caress, stroke, cuddle, and squeeze your love. 

Includes one pair. Comes with a magnetic closure gift / storage box and a QR code link to a video guide with tips, demo, and a special practice to try.


  • Ultra-Soft Fabric: Made from the softest, fluffiest faux fur to immerse you in softness, with a soft velvet lining.

  • Extra Large Coverage: Oversized to provide maximum surface are stimulation that envelops you in lusciously soft pleasure.

  • Elastic Cuff: Comfy elastic cuff to keep these on while you worship your partner.

  • Double the Fun: Comes in a pair of two for the most immersive full-body sensation.

Sensory Experience

  • Warming and Soothing: The soft faux fur and large surface area provides a warm, nourishing, and enveloping softness that will have you feeling deeply worshiped by your partner. 

  • C-Tactile Afferents: The sensation of furry softness on skin activates C-Tactile afferents - skin cells which respond optimally to a slowly moving, gentle caress.

  • Oxytocin, Serotonin, Dopamine: Your brain responds by releasing Oxytocin, the "bonding hormone", which leads to increased production of the pleasure neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, and a feeling of connection, happiness, and nervous system regulation.

What Makes it Lit

  • Luxuriously Soft: We searched the world for the softest possible faux fur.

  • Immersive Size: When your partner is worshiping your body with a pair of these mitts, and you feel yourself slipping into soft ecstasy, you'll get why we made them oversized.

  • Deepen Affection: Perfect for couples looking to deepen sensual worship and affection.

How to Use

  • Start with a Caress: Begin by gently caressing your partner's skin and then experiment with gently squeezing their body through the mitts.

  • Explore: Use both gloves for a full-body experience, or each take one to play together! Try caressing their neck, face, back, belly, arms, legs, feet.

  • Connect: Use this time to tune into each other's breath, listen for sounds of pleasure, and track your connection. Add words of affirmation to slow caresses to deepen the reverence.

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah Pierson

The sweet sub mitten was soooooo soft, delighful, and so tactilely joyful to have rub against my body. Such a sensation that you could only imagine the softest thing you’ve ever touched, caress your body to create pure bliss!