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Whip Whip Hooray

Whip Whip Hooray

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Get ready to cheer for Whip Whip Hooray, our silicone whip that promises to tantalize and mesmerize. Made from the highest-grade silicone in a stunning pink gradient and complemented by a shimmering pink metal handle, this whip is as visually captivating as it is sensually stimulating.

This percussive, sensual thwacking tool is more than a whip. Plop it, swirl it, swish it and gently smack it to wake up the whole body!

Comes with a magnetic closure gift / storage box and a QR code link to a video guide with tips, demo, and a special practice to try.

Lots more details below.


  • Premium Silicone: Crafted from the finest silicone for a soft yet durable experience, in a generous length for more sensation.

  • Shimmering Pink Handle: The comfortable, perfectly balanced aluminum handle offers a smooth grip and a touch of glamour with its shimmering pink metal.

Sensory Experience

  • Versatile Sensations: Whether it's tickling, plopping, smacking, or twirling, Whip Whip Hooray offers a multitude of sensations and intensity to explore.

  • Body Awakening: Try percussive sensation play all over your partner's body with the intention of awakening their awareness to the sensations. At the same time, percussive stimulation encourage muscles and the mind to let go and relax. This results in a relaxed body with activated present-moment body awareness, which is a portal to a deeper experience of pleasure and connection.

  • Dare to Experiment: This whip challenges you to find new ways to delight your partner's body, venture into new realms of sensory play.

What Makes it Lit

  • Innovative Design: The unique combination of materials and design offers a new twist on traditional whips - away from pain and toward sensation, pleasure, and awakening.

  • Luxury Finish: Premium pink signature Lit aluminum handle with weighted ball end for perfect balance and Lit logo and gradient silicone colors for extra visual appeal.

  • Deepen Connections: Perfect for couples looking to add percussive sensations and body awakening to their sensation play.

How to Use

  • Start with a Tickle: Don't go straight to the thwack! Begin by lightly tickling your partner's skin to introduce the unique sensations of the silicone.

  • Experiment: Try plopping, smacking, and twirling to discover what makes your partner's senses come alive...but be sure to ask for lots of feedback!

  • Connect: Focus on your partner's sounds, and the way they move their body to sense their level of excitement, and then confirm with them verbally what they like and where!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Julie Tran
Thinking about this gives me goosebumps!

We tried this for the first time recently and it was even better than I expected. I love how versatile it is. You can play with this gentle or hard, and every thing. In between. ALLL THE GOOSEBUMPS, especially when my husband played around with my neck area. The quality is GREAT and the instructions from Trisha and Eros were super helpful! They make these toys very approachable, empowering, and fun, which I really appreciate

Emma Pineda Fortin

I was not sure if I would enjoy the whip, but decided for it to have a range of experiences. After trying it out, I ADORE it! It can be used to provoke subtle, even soft sensations as well as the traditional whipping I initially expected. We also played with how the metal handle felt (contrasting temperatures). I am still feeling into different ways to experience this tool and love the sensation of having defined roles of giving and receiving pleasure.

Sarah Pierson

Whip Whip Hooray was one of my favorite tools, at first glance it is esthetically pleasing to the eye, with all my favorite colors